Feb 3, 2013

Sauna simulator

I've been asked to upload the video about that device so here it is now :)

As the video tells, it have ATMega 1284p SMD 44-pin microcontroller, 35 SMD leds for the flames and embers, SD card and speaker for sound effects and NTC thermistor that detects the heat from lighter.

All the leds are controlled by PWM signal. Because the MCU have only couple of PWM lines, I used one 10-bit hardware PWM line for red leds (embers) and any of the yellow leds are driven by 3-bit software generated PWM. Unfortunately I'm not able to publish the source code or schematics about that because it was one of my school projects (so the next year students won't copy it). 

Got the replacement for my old and energy-hungry home server (Apple Power Mac G4). Raspberry Pi consumes only ~5 watts while my current server draws something like 60-80 watts. Both of them runs Debian linux well enough and the performance levels are about equal. 
At least it isn't too big if compared to 30 years old processor DIP package.

Raspberry Pi  vs  TS68000


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