Dec 2, 2012

New oscilloscope!

Woohoo! Finally got the long-desired oscilloscope to my workbench.
Originally I was going to buy a used analog oscilloscope but then spotted this from EEVblog youtube channel. Almost too good to be true. I found out that many Europeans have bought it from DX but then figured that Batronix is even cheaper than DX after shipping, customs and VAT charges.

As mentioned in my first blog post, there will be project logs about USB AVR programmer and programmable power supply. At the moment they look like this.

Nov 2, 2012

Audio preamp

Check out my new audio preamp project *click*

Oct 17, 2012

First blog post!

Here's some "sneak peek" for my upcoming projects.

My PCB-design based on Thomas Fischl's USB AVR programmer
12V 2.5A switch-mode power supply with programmable outputs
Got some parts from